xD build with my Th3D-Plugin - can also build spheres, cars and things like that :D
simly export 3D Object from Blender, Sketchup, or others and let it build in MC

maybe #pixelcomp, because the plugin is written by me, but it would be unfair

284878164s ago, by Antonio


284872711s ago, by RobertStreamz

+Robert Streamz with the help of it, it is possible to build (nearly) every picture and nearly every building from obj files out of triangles
-> if you have a special wish I should can build it ;)
(problems are polygons and many faces and objects higher than 256 blocks)

ok then, it counts!

+Robert Streamz Yes it´s build in minecraft :)

Is it on minecraft? +Antonio Noack if it is then it will count!